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Alex Hensley is an audio fiction enthusiast living and working in southwest Ohio. They are nonbinary and use They/Them pronouns, but accept whatever pronouns you want to use. Alex started writing about audio fiction podcasts in 2017 on Twitter. Shortly after that, they started a blog on WordPress. They run this website in addition to having a full-time job. Audio Drama Rama is a labor of love and was created to share Alex's love for all things audio fiction. They love finding new (or new to them) audio fiction podcasts to add to their playlist.

Breaking the wall to speak in the first person. If you have made an audio fiction podcast, any sort of audio fiction podcast, I want you to tell me about it. I am one person with ADHD, so there isn't a guarantee that I will find your podcast without help. I want you to send me your podcast, even if you think your only listener is your mom or friends. You will make my day by sending me your podcast. You can send me an email or fill out the form under this section. If you want to surprise and confuse me, you can send it by mail. I'm horrible with checking social media messages, so don't be surprised if it takes forever for me to see it or respond.




Alex Hensley

P.O. Box 1552

Springfield, OH 45502

Alex Hensley
Maggie Rose, Alex Hensley, and Tim Jackson
Alex Hensley and Maggie Rose
Alex Hensley wearing a they/them tank top
Alex Hensley with their dogs Carson and Murphy
Alex Hensley pretending to be an instagram model
Alex Hensley in the wilds of Springfield with safety glasses
Alex Hensley in the brightest yellow raincoat

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In December of 2019, before I bought my house and moved, I made my first quilt. Well, the first quilt I made by myself, I made quilts with my dad and with my grandma when I was younger. But this was the first one I made by myself. It is in no way perfect. But I am incredibly proud of my audio fiction quilt. I bought all the shirts to make into a quilt and even got a few donated to me when people learned I was making it.

Progression of the rows of sewed t-shirts
T-shirt blocks being sewed together
Batting and backing being pinned to quilt
Zeus, the dog, sitting on the quilt while it's being sewed
Band being sewed on around quilt
Alex sprawled out on quilt
Finished queen sized quilt



For a few years now, I have been working on a cookbook that has been inspired by audio fiction podcasts on my playlist. I am planning to have the cookbooks available for purchase once it is finished.


While making the first audio fiction quilt, I learned quite a lot about the process of quilting. I also didn't have the space to do it, so I had planned on making more of them. Once my craft room is finished, you better believe I will be making another audio fiction quilt.


Before I had to move abruptly and the pandemic, I planned to donate a Maker's Kit to the library in the city where I was living. However, I couldn't do it since I had to move into the worst apartment I have ever lived in. Then I bought a house and moved into it during the pandemic. I would love to make a podcasting kit for the library in my village. I think it would be wonderful. I would also like to donate more kits to other libraries in the future.

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