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October 2021 Spoopy Audio Fiction Playlist

I love October; where I live, it starts to get cooler, and things seem to slow down. That could also be because I work in road construction, so this marks the beginning of us beginning the process of shutting down for a few months. It's also the month of Halloween! I am excited to see all the kids dressed up and enjoying life. I will be passing out full-sized bars to assist with the chaos that comes with Trick-or-Treat because, after all the shit we have and are still dealing with, we need a bit of a break. I encourage you to join me in the chaos and appreciate the excitement and wonder.

A spiderweb covered in dew attached to a metal gate at three points. It is in the shape of a triangle

The following four podcasts were taken from an extremely long list of ALL of the spoopy podcasts I listen to, I limited it to these four because this would never have gotten finished. my first draft had 250 podcasts. This list is in no particular order, just a few audio fiction podcasts you should try out to get you into the Halloween mood. Clicking on the podcast's title will take you to the website for that podcast in addition, below each podcast in the list is an embedded player of a specific episode of that podcast.

If you are looking for a spoopy podcast that features stories from Black authors and told by Black performers, then I suggest that you try Nightlight: A Horror Fiction Podcast. My favorite episode of Nightlight remains episode 2, "Basque of the Red Death by Eden Royce," I have listened to it countless times. It is beautifully crafted, and the narrator and creator of the podcast, Tonia Ransom, does a fantastic job telling the story. Each episode includes a story written by a Black author that is usually followed by an interview with the author. I have added so many authors to my reading list because of this podcast.

Embedded player for Nightlight: A Horror Podcast episode 2 titled "102: Basque of the Red Death by Eden Royce"

A product of Jordan Cobb's nightmare mind is Primordia Deep. I never had a fear of what lurks below. I can honestly say that I never felt a bit of fear staring into the unknowable depths of the ocean. Until Cobb got her hands on the horrors that exist and have existed in the deepest depths of the ocean. Whoever gave her unrestricted access to the internet has my most profound and most sincere hate. Listen and find out what happens when an ancient monster make a reappearance.

Embedded player for Primordial Deep episode 1 titled "One: Tiamat"

If you are looking for a story followed by poetry, then look no futher than Quimera: Horror Fiction & Poetry. The first four episodes is a story following a social worker, Miguel, and his experience with a cult. I recommend that you give it a try right before bed. It's really easy to get lost in the story, so I recommend that you get yourself ready. Set the mood by turning off all the lights and tucking blankets around yourself. It's spoopy season, so get in the spirit.

Embedded player for Quimera: Horror Fiction & Poetry episode 1 titled "Episode 1: The Awakening, Pt 1 + My Shattered Sleep." I apologize for this being a different embedded player.

I marathoned Radioland on my way home from the Podtales 2019, it was a bit of a drive. I know I looked like a mess because I distinctly remember hardcore sobbing by the end of this damn podcast. Something isn't quite right with the town of Wendell, and it causes the newcomer, Gabe Rodriguez, to start asking questions that will lead him down a road of discovery and growth.

Embedded player for Radioland episode 1 titled "Ep. 1 On Air"

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