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Recommendation: Radioland and The Silt Verses

You are getting a two-for-one deal this week. I felt a little bad that I didn't give a recommendation last week. To make up for that, you are getting two recommendations.


After crashing his car to avoid hitting a dog, Gabe Rodriguez finds himself entering the strange town of Wendell. It seems perfect, too perfect, and after encountering the leader of the town, Gabe starts asking questions. There are mysterious broadcasts that only Gabe can hear, along with a talking scarecrow. Is Gabe losing his mind, or is there really something wrong with Wendell? I love Radioland, it is a beautifully emotional story about self-acceptance and just living your life. Things aren't always sunshine and roses, sometimes it is the weight of the ocean, and you just have to sit with that feeling.

If you enjoy podcasts like Wolf 359, Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services, In Her Burning, and Janus Descending, you will probably enjoy Radioland. If you thought that The Hyacinth Disaster was a great way to spend a day, you will enjoy Radioland because it will destroy you and after you crawl yourself out of your river of tears, you will ask yourself "Am I going to listen to this again?" Spoiler: you will.

You can find Radioland in the following places by clicking the hyperlink:

Twitter: @Radiolandcast

Below is an embedded player of episode 1 of Radioland titled, "Ep. 1 On Air."

The Silt Verses

From the minds behind I Am In Eskew, comes The Silt Verses a story about two worshippers of an outlawed god and their pilgrimage along their god's black river. They travel along the river searching for signs of their god, and along the way, they encounter rival gods and enemies who try and stop them from bringing their god's world into theirs.

I've lived and worked in very rural areas, the ones where you are lucky to get a signal. The idea that these places could have their own gods and rituals is not that impossible. I have heard stories of creatures and groups out in the woods, about how if you hear something late at night, you don't go out looking. It's something that fed my love of folklore and cults. I love stories that bring these fantasies into reality, and The Silt Verses feeds that love of mine perfectly. If you enjoy I Am In Eskew, The Magnus Archives, SCP Archives, Archive 81, and Wormwood, you will enjoy The Silt Verses. I love a story with rituals, folklore, gods, sacrifices, and otherworldly horror so The Silt Verses fits in perfectly.

You can find The Silt Verses in the following places by clicking on the hyperlink:

Twitter: @TheSiltVerses

Below is an embedded player of episode 1 of The Silt Verses titled, "Chapter 1: Let Me Speak First Of Revelations."

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