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Recommendation: Who is Cam Candor?

Who is Cam Candor?

A collection of cropped images of different faces to create one face. text on top of the compiled face reads "Who is Cam Candor?"

I love when creators go the extra mile with the lore of their story. It brings me so much joy when fake websites, books, articles, etc., are created for the story. The Black Tapes created "The Strand Institute," 2298 made their Twitter profile "The Network," and The Blair Witch Project marketed their movie with posters making it seem like the actors were missing. There is something so pleasing to me when creators bring their stories into real life. Who is Cam Candor? does this by introducing segments of audio dramas attributed to Cam Candor, such as Filthy Nuns of the Holy Roman Empire, Shaman Sharks of the South Pacific, Mr. Fezziwhig Talks Crumpets, and Bedminster. I don't know about you, but I would totally listen to all of those podcasts, even Bedminster, which is a Trump family telenovela.

If you need a break from real life, Who is Cam Candor? will give you something to laugh about. If you enjoy The Amelia Project, Alba Salix, Several Stories High, or Done Disappeared, I think you will enjoy Who is Cam Candor?.

You can find Who is Cam Candor in the following places by clicking on the hyperlinks:

Twitter: @CamCandor

Below is an embedded player for Who is Cam Candor? episode 1 titled, "The Search Begins -- Ep 101"

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