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Audio Drama Rama accepts submissions from audio fiction podcasts only.


What is an audio fiction podcast?

  • Actual Play

  • Improv

  • Fiction

  • Narrative Drama

  • Storytelling

  • Audio Play

  • Multi-cast Narrative Stories

A great way to describe audio fiction is how Elena Fernández Collins explained it to npr: "Audio fiction is a form of performance for fiction. You have a story that you want to tell and sometimes you do that with one voice or many voices with sound design or music."

Submission Process

If you would like to know about the submission process for podcasts submitted to Audio Drama Rama, the process has been turned into an easy to follow infographic. You can download it by following this link.

Submit Your Audio Fiction Podcast

Upload Presskit
Upload Trailer

Thanks for submitting your podcast!

Snail Mail

Everyone likes getting things other than bills. I have actually received information about podcasts in the mail, and I love it.


Audio Drama Rama

Attn: Alex Hensley

P.O. Box 1552

Springfield, OH 45501

The United States of America

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