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Recommendation: MEGA


I know I've talked about it before, but I was raised catholic. I went to a Catholic school until 5th grade, when I switched to a Christian school. It is always surprising to people when I tell them that is when my religious trauma started. But it was the time of my life when I was confronted with ideologies that didn't mesh with me and caused a lot of issues in the ol brain department. But all of that trauma is why I love Mega. I was surrounded by people who had this imaginary persecution complex and could recite Bible verses but never actually comprehended what they were reading or how odd it all was. It was simply "The bible is God-breathed FACTS." The first time I listened to Mega, my jaw would not close; I was transported to conversations that I had had with people. It was wild, and part of me feels like it should have been super triggering. It brings me so much joy and probably closure to hear what Hallie and Grey are getting up to at the Mega Church, Twin Hills.

You can find MEGA in the following places by clicking on the hyperlinks (They shouldn't open a new tab):

Twitter: @MegaThePodcast

Below is an Apple Podcasts player embedded on the website featuring an episode of MEGA titled "30 Pieces of Colloidal Silver with Jess McKenna."

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