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Recommendation: Welcome to Tinsel Town

I have been debating on whether to celebrate a feast day for Bacchus, it's the 24th of November, or skipping ahead to Santa season. Since I am still looking for an audio fiction celebrating Bacchus/Dionysus, we are moving along to Christmas. However, if you know of a podcast about Dionysus, let me know.

Welcome to Tinsel Town

Triangle Content Presents "Welcome to Tinsel Town"

Before I hermitted myself away in 2018, I listened to this entertaining podcast and put it on my list of audio fiction podcasts to recommend. 2021 is the perfect time of a sweet, feel-good adventure about an eight-year-old girl rediscovering her love of the holidays. Let's be honest; we need more simple pleasures this year.

Welcome to Tinsel Town follows Holly, an eight-year-old girl who finds herself in Tinsel Town, a land that celebrates Christmas every day. After Holly appears in Tinsel Town, things start going wrong, and it's up to Holly to discover what is happening. The story takes place over seven episodes and is about a two-hour runtime, so you can easily listen to the whole podcast in a day.

If you enjoy podcasts like Flyest Fables, Eleanor Amplified, and Timestorm, or if you enjoy cartoons like Olive the Other Reindeer, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Arthur Christmas, then you will enjoy Welcome to Tinsel Town.

You can find Welcome to Tinsel Town in the following places by clicking on the hyperlink:

Twitter: @heytinseltown

Below is an embedded player for Welcome to Tinsel Town episode 1 titled, "Chapter 1: Through the Archway."

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