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Recommendation: On A Dark, Cold Night

I promise that I didn't originally play to start off with the absolutely perfect recommendation for the start of October. It happened by complete accident when I decided to switch swap this recommendation and Time Trip!. It could not have worked out better if I had actually tried. You will get the spoopy voice of the narrator in your head to kickstart your Halloween. *Chef's kiss* Perfection.

On A Dark, Cold Night

Before I decided to relaunch Audio Drama Rama, I had recommended On a Dark, Cold Night. It is a podcast very dear to me; the thought that goes into the stories is truly incredible. Kristen Zaza is a master storyteller using carefully crafted stories and original musical compositions to transport listeners to a world where darkness isn't automatically evil. It is a celebration of our differences. On a Dark, Cold Night is one of the podcasts that has helped me make it through the past few years with my sanity and softness intact.

Zaza becomes the narrator, this dark creature full of impossibilities who travels the world and seeks out other beings often viewed as creepy, terrifying, dark, uncomfortable, or incomprehensible, and tells their stories. She can inspire a storm of emotions in her "dear listeners" by weaving her tales. While many of the stories can be listened to by themselves, it is recommended to start at the beginning to understand the narrator's story.

You can find On a Dark, Cold Night in the following places by clicking on the hyperlink:


Twitter: @ADarkColdNight

Below are embedded players for episodes 3 and 7. "Episode 3: The Head of the Table" is a tale about an elderly woman living in a village and a dinner party with friends. "Episode 7: Burning, Burning" is about a wise and fearless woman and the town that turned against her. These two stories remain my absolute favorites, and I listen to them repeatedly.

Embedded player for episode 3 of On a Dark, Cold Night titled "Episode 3: The Head of the Table."

Embedded player for episode 7 of On a Dark, Cold Night titled "Episode 7: Burning, Burning."

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