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Recommendation: Point Mystic

Point Mystic

An interesting thing I have found about people with ADHD is that we will sometimes get things stuck to us like a song, a phrase, a quote, or even a story. I have, at times, listened to a song on repeat for weeks because of how it makes me feel. Occasionally a podcast will make me have this same response. It doesn't happen very often, but that podcast makes its way into a special place in my heart when it does. The opening story of Point Mystic is one of the stories that continue to float around in my head, compelling me to go back and listen to it again, and again, and again.

Episodes 1-4 of Point Mystic is titled "White Rabbit" and is the product of Christopher Reynaga, Marguerite Croft, and their son Fox. It is such a compelling story about communities, magic, dreams, and local legends. The town of Point Mystic is full of doors that lead anywhere, and it seems that the children are fighting against something that wants to come through one of the doors. Such time and care go into creating these stories that you won't want to stop listening to the podcast.

I highly recommend listening to all of Point Mystic as it is a beautiful podcast. If you enjoy the unraveling of stories told through interviews, you should listen to Point Mystic. I have recommended it to people who enjoyed podcasts like The Black Tapes, Tannis, and Archive 81. Christopher Reynaga interviews friends, family, and neighbors in and around Point Mystic, allowing listeners to transport themselves to this world of wonder and magic.

You can subscribe to Point Mystic on the podcast player of your choice. You can find Point Mystic online at:


Twitter: @PointMystic

Below I have embedded the 4 episodes of Point Mystic that I cannot stop thinking about.

Embedded player of episode 1 of Point Mystic titled "White Rabbit Pt. 1: Down the Rabbit Hole."

Embedded player of episode 2 of Point Mystic titled "White Rabbit Pt. 2: The Diary of Anastasia Alenky."

Embedded player of episode 3 of Point Mystic titled "White Rabbit Pt. 3: A Time for Heroes."

Embedded player of episode 4 of Point Mystic titled "White Rabbit Pt. 4: Little Bunny 'Thulu."

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