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Recommendation: Time Trip!

Time Trip!

I need you all to know that I have the theme song set as the default alarm on my phone. I typically wake up to the "Running out of Time" theme song. If you have never listened to Time Trip!, you are not only missing out on a fantastic audio fiction podcast, but you are also missing out on an absolute gem of a theme song. Besides the genuinely fabulous theme song, this audio fiction podcast's story, acting, and sound design are phenomenal. Time Trip! isn't just a podcast full of puns; it will hit you right in the feels.

If you enjoy a bit of silliness sprinkled into stories about family and friendship, then you will enjoy Time Trip!. I suggest starting on this podcast immediately since season 2 is in the works. So if you have never listened or haven't listened to it recently, now is the time to download Time Trip!. If you enjoy podcasts like Wolf 359, Wooden Overcoats, Timestorm, and Oz 9, you will want to check out Time Trip!.

You can find Time Trip! in the following places by clicking on the hyperlink:

Twitter: @TimeTripPod

Below I have embedded a player so you can listen to episode 1 right now.

Embedded player for episode one of Time Trip! titled "S1 - Time Trip! Episode 1: A Trip Through Time."

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